Хосе Антонио Годой. Спасти иберийскую рысь. Видео — финалист конкурса НА-2014 (по-английски)


José Antonio Godoy leads a group of investigators at the Biological Station of Doñana. This research is pioneer in the application of genomics in an endangered species. The objective of this investigation is the Iberian lynx genome sequencing. This animal is the most threatened cat species in the world.

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Пабло Родригес Табернеро, надежда андалузского гольфа. Видео — финалист конкурса НА 2014 (по-английски)


Pablo Tabernero was one of the finalists in the Shiny People section at the Andalusian Stories Awards 2014. This golf player, that dream about winning a Ryder, started practicing his swing since he was only four years old. When he was eight he already played with the Royal Andalusian Federation and at fifteen he has […]

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Граффити-тур по Линаресу. Видео — победитель конкурса НА 2014 в категории Туризм (по-английски)


The artist Miguel Ángel Belinchón, also known as Belin, has designed a tour that includes some of the most important works of this artist that can be found in the city of Linares. With the support of the city council of the city, a map with all these interest points has been edited to be […]

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